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Software driven Social License to Operate (SLO)

What does successful obligation management look like?
How do great companies do what they say they are going to do?

In this webinar, discover how to:

Proactively monitor obligation management
Manage and keep informed complex networks of stakeholders
Substantially mitigate risk of non adherence to agreements
Use software to mitigate risk of non meeting ESG commitments
Collect, manage and store evidence of obligation adherence
Accelerate the speed of obligation adherence

What to Expect

In this webinar,we will explore how this impacts the mining industry and discuss why getting obligation management right is crucial not just to surviving but to flourishing in the current extraction commodities supercycle.


Will Cass - Director
Christopher Caruk - CEO

Changing the business system paradigm

What does Clockworx do?
Clockworx is a no rip and replace solution that integrates with your existing infrastructure and applications and is perfect for multi-stage and multi-activity processes. As a highly adaptive solution, Clockworx can be deployed rapidly and with minimal changes to existing processes whilst also offering build in project management tools and 

workflow simplification tools. 

Clockworx connects the disconnected by providing high level work flows that automate tasks that include more than one application. According to IDC, 80% of business leaders agree that they have problems as a result of applications and systems "not talking to each other". By connecting applications that don’t communicate with each other, Clockworx protects and extends your existing investments. 

Clockworx protects your investments by binding existing applications and systems together to create cohesive workflows. We do this by enabling data to be extracted and also fed back into legacy systems. We extend your investments by augmenting them with business analytics, escalation capabilities, robotic process automation, and project management tools.

Orchestration is a highly sophisticated alternative to siloed applications on the one hand and underwhelming and expensive all-in-one solutions on the other.


Clockworx protects and extends existing software investments by integrating and automating processes that include more than one application and extending them with additional capabilities.

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